Mechanical turk for small coding tasks.

The Remote Dev That Scales

A product that instantly accelerates your teamwork.

GitStart is an automated interface built on an on-demand technology around the idea of Community - "a community of handpicked developers, residing globally and working continuously, for Your Team"

On-demand features
to make tech easier




Upfront technical proposals before work execution

Personal Slack Bot

24x7 conversational engine on Slack


Acceleration at max,
this is how

GitStart uses a task management system that captures software requirements, routes it into our community of available developers and delivers work through a series of tech specs, pull requests and code reviews.

  1. Discovery
    The outcome of discovery is a tech spec.

  2. Build
    The outcome of build is a pull request.

  3. Ship
    A final code review takes place and feature is shipped live.


Making it easier with
every sprint

Intelligent and non intrusive

GitStart does not intrude your workflow and only comes into action when called upon.

Low management overhead

Self management capabilities removes the need to proactively dedicate time towards managing GitStart as another resource.

On-demand scalability

Use concurrency to your advantage to consume resources on an on-demand basis and iterate quickly.

Increases your innovation potential

Free up your senior engineers to focus on innovation while GitStart does the heavy lifting in the background.

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