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/ credit

1000 - 4000 credits
1 productive hour = 5 credits

  • Monthly Utilization
  • For smaller teams
  • Bi-weekly Engineering Reviews
  • 24 hrs SLA
  • ~45 USD / productive hour
  • Mobile App
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/ credit

4000 - 10000 credits
1 productive hour = 5 credits

  • Quarterly Utilization
  • For seed + startups
  • Weekly Engineering Review
  • 12 hrs SLA
  • ~40 USD / productive hour
  • Mobile App Analytics
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/ credit

10000+ credits
1 productive hour = 5 credits

  • Yearly Utilization
  • For Enterprises / Series A+
  • Unlimited Check-ins
  • 6 hrs SLA
  • ~35 USD / productive hour
  • Custom Branding
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Buy development hours and spend on tasks. Pay only for hires that stay for at least half a year

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