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How to hire leaders

Hamza Zia

Growing a successful startup is not easy. For every 1 success, there are 99 failures. You don’t see the failures. You don’t hear about them. You don’t feel the anguish and agony and pain of the founders who failed.

One of the keys to being a startup that attains that 1% success is good leadership. A growing company grows on the shoulders of an insightful and action oriented leadership team that :

Hires for character

Trains for skill.

Delivers exponential value.

With so much diversity in skills, traits and quirks in the job market, how do you go about identifying a potentially great leader? It is difficult to pin down what makes a truly great leader because leaders are not born so. Leadership is a role that a person grows into over time when the right traits and actions mesh together.

- Great leaders have learnt how to inspire people. Some do it with their outright presence. Some do it quietly through their work. They will ensure that they are deliberately stretching themselves and motivating the team in a big way.

- Great leaders recognize that time is limited. They recognize their own limitation. They understand the importance of resource management and are often very cautious in the way they spend money and use talent.

- Great leaders are often gullible. They will believe and trust deeply in others around them. They believe in human goodness. This is what motivates them to risk joining early stage startups and tribes with the intent of bringing people together and solving real problems.

- Great leaders ask penetrating questions at a higher, more abstract level. This allows them to excel at learning and understanding context. They can easily cut through the chaff and get to the meat of the issue.

- Great leaders feel a personal sense of responsibility and ownership over their work. They feel that they are the masters of their fate, captains of their soul. They will train themselves consistently in order to master their craft.

- Great leaders do not feel threatened by others who give them critical or negative feedback. On the contrary, they appreciate good feedback when they see it.

- A great leader is unafraid of having an opinion. A good leader reflects when fails and is willing to be proven wrong, even, multiple times.

- And finally, perhaps, the most important characteristic of all — they know that success is a process, not a destination. They’ll be seen playing an active role in building processes and shaping a solid organizational culture.

When, you find such people, hire them, nurture them and build your next startup together with them. Don’t hire people in a rush. Take your time. Describe what a great candidate looks like. Hire leaders in the making.

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