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Accelerating Digital Transformation for Hong Kong Companies

Hamza Zia

There is a wave of positive news emerging for businesses in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Government has officially launched the “Distance Business” Programme which is being implemented by the Innovation and Technology Commission. The programme will provide an immediate boost to SMEs and Enterprises and help them quickly build new IT capabilities to scale operations and improve revenue.

At at a time when several local businesses are in distress due to regular operations being affected by COVID, the HK Government has taken swift action to provide financial stimulus and revive some of these businesses. The D-Biz Programme will provide funding support through fast-track processing for enterprises to adopt IT solutions so that they can continue to serve customers, albeit in a more technologically automated way such as contactless deliveries, for instance. COVID 19 has had a significant negative impact on those enterprises where physical contact and proximity form the basis of regular operations and revenue generations. With the D-Biz programme in place, enterprises can receive upto 300k HKD to undertake IT projects which can be implemented within 6 months. According to the official communique, an initial payment of 30% of the funding amount will be disbursed once application gets approved and the remaining payment will be disbursed after completion of the project. However, entrepreneurs must take note that each IT solution can be only be implemented after explicit approval is granted.

Some of the major areas where businesses can utilize the funds are to develop user facing apps and strengthen operational IT infrastructure. Adding payments infrastructure to support online payments, building custom e-commerce experiences and/or mobile apps to improve user engagement and retention are areas where enterprises can leverage the D-Biz programme heavily. Another area especially relevant to businesses trying to future proof themselves is in the adoption and implementation of cloud based financial management systems and human resources management systems. Post COVID, enterprises will need to rely more and more on virtual team management and communications solutions - an area in which GitStart is a pioneer.

GitStart has been a remote-first company since inception and has hundreds of developers from across the globe working in a fully autonomous, distributed setting. The company is known for high quality code delivery to customers across the world and has been working with customers to modernize their business through building web and mobile apps. Due to this, GitStart is able to support businesses looking to scale their engineering velocity and build IT solutions quickly and efficiently. It is a recognized player in the Hong Kong IT ecosystem and has deep expertise in delivering IT solutions, with an office in HK Science Park, team members that are alumni of HKUST and the only emerging tech company to offer online internships to undergraduate computer science students in Hong Kong.

GitStart is helping businesses fast track their application for the program and is a recognized service provider. We encourage local businesses to get in touch with us to receive discounted pricing especially, as we do our utmost to help them enhance their digital transformation and build stronger IT capabilities, in these testing times.

Those interested can book a free consulting session here.

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