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Announcing online internships in partnership with HKUST CSE

Hamza Zia

GitStart is pleased to announce that it’s launching an online internship program for computer science students at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 

In the wake of COVID 19, the computer science department at HKUST has decided to tie up with GitStart, in a first of its kind collaboration to offer an entirely remote internship program. The goal of the internship program is to offer students more practical exposure in the field of software engineering. GitStart being a fully remote company already has the necessary infrastructure in place to support online internships which will dramatically help improve the coding skills of computer science students and give them real world exposure.

The internship programme has been made possible with the help and initiative of the entire CSE department at HKUST, especially Prof. Dit-Yan Yeung (Head of the CSE Department), Prof. Gary Chan, Prof. S.C. CHEUNG and Prof. James Kwok who is a senior professor at the Department.  

GitStart (which is a Y Combinator backed company) is founded by Hamza Zia, a proud HKUST alumni and prior winner of the very prestigious HKUST One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition. Through the internship programme, he hopes to provide a channel for talented students at the university to upskill themselves and become more valuable professionals upon graduation. 

Thousands of developers apply through the GitStart Global Developer Community monthly to land a very special remote job. In fact, developers continuously rate GitStart as one of the best places they have worked at and some of these developers eventually graduate from the GitStart Community Program to go on and get hired at top tech companies across the world. 

For students at HKUST who are interested in the internship program, the best way to apply is directly through the CSE department portal. 

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