Accelerating digital transformation for Hong Kong Enterprises

Under the Anti-Epidemic Fund, the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) has launched the Distance Business (D-Biz) Programme to support enterprises to continue their business and services during the epidemic.

GitStart, as a recognized IT service provider, is helping companies in their digital transformation journey and rapidly develop new IT infrastructure and capabilities.

Cost Effective Development

GitStart utilizes developers spread across the globe to distribute cost and deliver projects 50-80% more cost effectively than ones built and delivered within Hong Kong

Integrate existing teams and legacy systems

GitStart was built from the ground up to work help existing development teams release faster. We continuously run special programs to on-board legacy systems and build on top of existing infrastructure

A hybrid of SaaS and project based business model

GitStart can continue to maintain and incrementally improve the project once delivered as SaaS pricing. Pay monthly beyond D-Biz and ensure that the digital transformation continues whilst also accelerating your internal productivity

Advantages of working with us

The D-BIZ Programme was launched to help enterprises ensure business continuity and quickly adopt digital solutions to serve end-users
Reliable and experienced team

The GitStart team, which has an office in HKSTP and is run by HKUST Alumni, has written over ten millions of lines of code in the last one year alone  for building web and mobile apps

Use software to differentiate

We build amazing software driven user experiences that can give your business an edge over other local competitors

On Demand Engagement Model

You can engage with GitStart in an on-demand way to scale engineering capacity or make your IT projects go 3x faster. It's low risk to try.

Improve profitability

Since it is easy and cost effective to scale software solutions to thousands of users, you can improve profitability by embedding technology into the core of your business

We can help you apply

Applicable for businesses that have substantive operations in Hong, and were registered before 1st of January, 2020 to receive 100k HKD in funding per solution and upto 300k HKD in total.
Major Focus Areas are:
Online order taking, delivery and smart self service

For companies trying to establish a web portal, mobile app or other online channels, for consumers to place orders of goods or services, by using either subscription-based or custom- built e-commerce platform, including development and management of such solutions and building associated capabiltiies around smart self-servicing system, smart kiosk, smart vending machine, smart lockers, or integrations to e-logistics provider platform

Online Customer Services and Engagement

For companies to enable online order placements of services such as reservations, appointment bookings and even provide distance learning facilities. Promotion of such assets through SEO, digital advertisement, e-coupons and loyalty programme and building the IT infrastructure to support all of this endeavor, including building a web portal or mobile app or backend applications.

Remote access, document management and communications tools

For companies looking to digitise hard copy documents into electronic format and store in the cloud. Furthermore, building infrastructure to enable staff to access company information and data remotely with solutions such as VPN, VDI and remote desktop control. This also extends to companies looking to use remote tools for communication, instant messaging, document sharing, concurrent editing and progress monitoring alongside collaborative product development.

Digital customer experience enhancement

For companies looking to improve customer service experience by providing round the clock customer service via technologies like chatbots and uplifting the experience through use of Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality techniques. These includes applying analytics on things such as purchasing and transaction data to improve customer experience

Digital Payments and Mobile POS

Enabling online and physical stores with multiple digital payment gateways for streamlining the payment experience or implementing mobile Point of Sales (POS.) This includes one time setup and assosciated hardware/equipment needed to deploy the solution, either on premise or through cloud based methods.

Custom cloud based finance and HR automation solutions

For companies looking to build more automated systems to manage invoicing, bill collection, accounting, budget planning, asset and liabilities management, regulatory compliance, reporting. This also extends to the HR domain to include building computerized systems to manage payroll, do expense reimbursement, manage attendance and leave records and training and reporting on such activities.

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