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Some of the featured leads are:
Hamza Zia
San Francisco, Hong Kong

I have helped build and scale high velocity engineering teams across San Francisco, Hong Kong, Zurich and Shanghai. Kickstarted my career by solving hard tech problems at Microsoft Azure, before moving onto startups trying to change the world. Spent the last 3 years specifically focused on remote first engineering teams. Now bringing it all together to transform the future of software development through GitStart.

JavaScript, ReactJS, Node.js
Prameet Chakraborty
Bengaluru, India

I like to call myself a startup kid who is interested to try something new every day. I started out with JS frameworks like React and React Native to build frontend apps before moving to a full stack role with the understanding of NodeJS and Express. GitStart has given me the opportunity to push my curiosity for new exciting tech to the greatest extent possible. It has also taught me to strive harder and to learn and grow with its awesome and ever growing community.When I am not coding or learning, I play football, listen to Chainsmokers and run MasterNode servers on the cloud (PS. I am a big cryptocurrency enthusiast :-P)

React Native, Reactjs, Nodejs
Josiah Adegboye
Lagos, Nigeria

I have always been fascinated with technology since a young age and had a passion for automation and clean code. I am very well versed with technologies like react native, nodejs, reactjs, loopback and firebase and have been working as an engineer and team lead for several years now. Currently, mastering remote working methods through Gitstart and its global developer community. So far, the Gitstart experience has been extremely positive and I have learned loads.

Reactjs, Nodejs, React Native, Firebase
Miracle Ogunlade
Lagos, Nigeria

A programming enthusiast and a life-long learner, I am also a serverless advocate with a demonstrated history of working in the IT services industry. Highly skilled in building web and mobile applications using PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Python, PHP, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Javascript, Node.js and React. I love working remotely with distributed teams and also regularly contribute to opensource projects. I play an active role in the development of the technology ecosystem in Lagos, Nigeria- one of the fastest-growing cities in the world.

TypeScript, Reactjs, Nodejs
Julio Piubello
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

I am a Brazilian developer who fell in love with Javascript at the first sight. Months after I did some courses on React, I got my first job and could not stop programming since. I love the challenges and freedom that Gitstart brought in my life. It connects me with people and enterprises all around the world and has completely expanded my horizons and made see everything in a new perspective. It's been exciting interacting with like minded developers from all over the world.

Nodejs, Reactjs
Shahzaib Shahid
Lahore, Pakistan

I have worked as a full stack developer in different environments including startups and corporate as well. I have been working with communities like Code for Pakistan and GDG cloud Islamabad as well. The purpose of joining these communities is to mentor new developers. I also secured third place in Asia in Facebook Developers community 2018. Gitstart has a really diverse environment where developers get exposure to a lot of different technologies. I am improving my skills not in months or weeks, but in days.

Javascript, ReactJS
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