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GitStart helped us accelerate and build a full featured learning and teaching platform seamlessly


GitStart helped us accelerate and build a full featured learning and teaching platform seamlessly

Duunokid is a fast growing startup that helps small children learn new languages. The founding team has done extensive research into language learning for kids and the various techniques and methodologies surrounding it. Learning a new language, although quite difficult and challenging at times, comes naturally to small children and Duunokid has discovered how to leverage technology to help families take advantage of this phenomenon.

In the wake of the current pandemic, Duunokid’s model of teaching languages in a remote, digital and completely online environment is the need of the hour. Classroom instruction is rapidly being displaced by online, digital methods of instruction and Duuno’s web based learning platform has been quickly garnering rave reviews in its home market of China and Hong Kong. A proprietary teaching methodology coupled with recruiting highly talented, engaged teachers who are well trained using the same methodology and a user friendly interface is what gives Duuno an edge over other players in the same space. Classes are 15 minute long and held everyday and the whole platform is built around live classes, as opposed to pre-recorded video instruction.

Naturally, building a full featured learning platform requires extensive software to be built to support the three types of users : Teachers, Parents and Students. There has to be a great deal of attention paid to both design and development and then slowly iterating based on market feedback. 

Previously at Duunokid, a manually driven system using very labor-intensive processes was used to run its MVP. As more users signed up, it became clear that the software needed to be scaled up. Coming off of the back of a not so positive relationship with another software development company, the Duuno team approached GitStart because they found its agile, on-demand model fascinating and easy to work with. 

Soon after the collaboration with GitStart began, a lot of automation started getting built into the platform to facilitate more and more easy to use and faster self-service features. Features like teacher availability, booking classes, integrating Zoom for running live classes and tracking class information, enrollment and student performance have been some of the core features that GitStart has played an instrumental role in helping Duuno build over the last few months. 

With a small 2-man core product team, Duuno has been able to leverage GitStart’s globally vetted talent pool and on demand pricing model to launch a fully functional platform that is interacting with real users and generates revenue. 

“Working with GitStart has been super simple and easy. Their developers have been easy to work with, generally understand our feature requirements quickly and are quick to act on the feedback given. In fact, through the recently launched D Biz programme by the Hong Kong Government, which GitStart helped us successfully become a part of, we have managed to save substantially on development costs.”

“We started off working with GitStart initially to help us build a simple website in React and after the success of the initial set of tasks, it made sense to continue using GitStart as their model is infinitely scalable and on-demand. We also love the fact that there is a lot of variety in the talent pool available, so depending on our needs be it frontend, backend or a GraphQL specialist we can pick and choose what we’d like to get built. The automated standups and weekly check ins were quick to resolve blockers and any communication gaps.”  says Duunokid Founder, Monica HE.

At GitStart, we believe that high frequency communication is important to ironing out engineering issues and resolving blockers. GitStart’s process makes it easy for small teams like Duuno to not worry about hiring developers and micro-managing engineering but instead focus on getting product-market fit right and spending more time on design and product. Built around agile methodologies, the almost year long partnership with GitStart has seen Duuno become more agile, stay lean and deliver a world class product to students worldwide. 

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