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GitStart is like a black box as very little micromanagement is needed with them. I don’t really set a deadline on tasks and prefer to have tasks worked on simply based on priority and dependencies.

Coherent Capital touts themselves as a team of product designers, technologists and actuaries, helping build a brighter, more inclusive future for insurance.

Coherent has wide range of high impact products within the insurtech space and a strong enterprise clientele for whom they often build custom solutions.

Their marquee offering “Product Factory” helps clients model, refine and build new products with ease and features deep integration with Microsoft Excel. Other products like Coherent Explainer, Flow and Connect help their customers improve sales, marketing and operational productivity and feature a beautiful, easy to use UI.

Having just raised a $14m Series A round, the company looks poised to expand more aggressively into new markets and further grow their client base. In the wake of COVID 19, Coherent’s mission of digitizing traditional processes at insurance companies and helping them become digitally savvy (so they can better serve end users) is more crucial than ever.  

As such, the company has a mid sized engineering team that is consistently looking to add new capabilities to their technology driven products and ways to iteratively improve the feature set.

The GitStart and Coherent relationship has been a long standing one that began 2 years ago in December of 2018. Since then, we have helped them build and ship features encompassing multiple products and technology stacks like JavaScript (React, NodeJS) and Python (Django) and very recently Native iOS.

After a quick 2 week onboarding process in which GitStart delivered PRs rapidly to help clear some of their engineering backlog in JIRA, CTO Peter Roschke decided to continue using GitStart to help the core engineering team ship faster.

GitStart is actively used by 4 sub teams within Coherent, with each team working on a product that addresses different facets of their core business.

One such team - Pulse, was able to keep shipping new features iteratively, spend more focused time on developing better UI/UX and reduce development backlog burden.

On-boarding for the Pulse team was led by Product Lead Kal Sze. Kal elaborated, We were having challenges building the frontend because of a lack of solid ReactJS experience in-house. After a swift 2 week onboarding process to acclimatize GitStart to our repo, all we had to was transfer some more domain knowledge and assign them user stories in Jira, post which their team would quickly figure out the best way to implement it and provide me with detailed tech plans.”

GitStart is all about helping teams become more agile and improve development productivity so that new feature releases can happen faster. Our bot integrates deeply into existing project management systems like JIRA, Trello, Asana and the likes, plucks out development tasks and ships PRs against the tasks on a weekly cadence.

Says Kal, “The other thing I liked about our collaboration is that the GitStart team was quite proactive in giving our product team feedback if certain tasks were ambiguous or design mockups were not clear. If they ever get blocked on a task, they are quick to notify us in JIRA and resolve the blockers. They also helped us set up the frontend and staging environment in Heroku. I’ve also enjoyed the daily standups that they provide which gives me more confidence that work is progressing at the right pace”

A salient feature of GitStart’s delivery model is attaching preview links and loom videos along with PRs sent. Says Kal, “their PRs came with preview links which allowed me to get good visibility into progress and do quick visual QA on the user stories assigned.”

Says Kal, “Looking forward, it would be great to have GitStart assist in more of the complex and tedious backend tasks as well so that the product team can really focus on end users, writing API docs for new product types and improving overall process quality. For me, GitStart is like a black box as very little micromanagement is needed with them. I don’t really set a deadline on tasks and prefer to have tasks worked on simply based on priority and dependencies.”

The Coherent ~ GitStart relationship has been an extremely fruitful one so far, in which Coherent has been able to leverage our engineering prowess to build world class apps and engineering infrastructure. As a result,they’ve been able to scale product development more swiftly and reliably, all of which has helped them improve their market standing in the insurtech space.

They did it with GitStart


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